Nicki Minaj snatches up Nas and Remy Ma to appear on "The Real"

The feud between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma continues to heat up as Nicki Minaj snatches Nas and Remy Ma takes shots at Nicki on TV and in a new collaboration. Earlier this week Nicki Minaj sent everyone into a frenzy when she revealed a snap shot of her and rapper Nas hugged up in a restaurant. The caption red "When KINGS support QUEENS" with several emojis to follow. The picture immediately led everyone to believe that the two rappers were dating though I can't quite figure if that was Nicki's way of making it official or was this just a meeting of the minds at a restaurant. If Nicki Minaj and Nas are in fact dating its quite interesting for two reasons. One, Nas appeared in Nicki Minaj's video a few years ago, I think it was "Right By My Side" with Chris Brown where she kissed Nas at the end of the video. Nicki was with currently with Safaree at that time and that shocked everyone when there was a kiss. Two, Nas' "Ether" instrumental is the same instrumental that arch rival Remy Ma used on "SHether" to destroy(yeah I said it) Nicki Minaj. Reports had said that Nas' pulled the song from Apple Music but that is not true. The song is still there the last time I checked and I believe he is getting royalties from its use. The picture of Nicki and Nas is also a swipe at Remy for the fact that Remy used Nas' instrumental to dis Nicki and now Nicki is all cuddled up with that very person. It's really Nicki being petty and rubbing it which she has done to fine effect. Ever since Remy dropped her two songs about Nicki, Nicki has been throwing shots at Remy left and right, whether in song or personal appearances. It definitely keeps things interesting between the ladies. Not one to be outdone, Remy Ma is appearing on the daytime talk, "The Real" next week and threw some daggers at Nicki based on the video previews that are floating around. Remy made some type of scathing remark about dust settling now that someone is under the grave or something to that effect. It definitely will make you say "oooh" when you hear it and see it for yourself. As I've said before, I'm fans of both ladies and I think as long as it stays like this, things will be good, juicy, and interesting! I will say Nicki's obsession with fashion designers and her recent upgrade in fashion has made Remy step up her fashion game too in my opinion. SN: Speaking of Nas, his first baby mama, Carmen Bryant; who famously wrote a book(that I read) about her relationship with Nas and Jay Z threw some shade at Nas on Instagram. When asked by a Internet troll(or fan) what Carmen's feelings were regarding Nas dating Nicki Minaj, she replied that she was glad her baby daddy "still dated women". Oooh! The shade!
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