Comedian Mo'Nique and 3LW's former manager comes for "The Real" TV host Adrienne Bailon

So as I was searching for a picture to post along with who I was ready to talk about today, I came across one of my favorite pictures of Mariah Carey from her "The Emancipation of Mimi" album. Now I wasn't planning on talking about Mariah today but I did read through People magazine that Mariah is back with her ex-boyfriend, backup dancer; Bryan. If you are surprised by this revelation then you are not alone. I didn't bother reading the story, I just saw the headline and thought "Wow!". Now for what I truly wanted to talk about today was singer and TV host, Adrienne Bailon of the daytime talk show, "The Real". Well her former bandmate from 3LW, Naturi Naughton appeared on the show and Adrienne apologized to her for her part in the separation of 3LW. Naturi humbly accepted the apology though upon closer inspection, Naturi seemed like she wasn't really here for it. I knew their paths would cross again because they're both in the spotlight. I'm not sure what happened to lead singer, Kiely Williams but I think she's likely married. Anyway during the apology, Adrienne made remarks about being "fearful" of the adults that managed and controlled them back during 3LW(they were kids back then). Well those remarks got back to 3LW's former manager and mother of Kiely Williams and boy did she go in mostly on Adrienne. Williams' mother says that Adrienne lived with her and if she was so "scared" why did she live with her? She also alleged that Adrienne cheated on former boyfriend, Rob Kardashian and even hinted at Adrienne sleeping with Kanye West. Sheesh! During this Twitter tirade, Williams' mother tagged Adrienne in this all and Adrienne has yet to respond. Wow! So much for telling your secrets to folks nowadays. It seems like whenever people fall out, they like to expose their secrets and then those secrets become public knowledge to the media, trolls, and the like. I don't think Adrienne deserved such a read(or her secrets being exposed) but she should of definitely told her about herself which she did. If that is not enough Adrienne drama for you, comedienne; Mo'Nique(movie: "Precious") is upset at Adrienne as well after she made comments about Mo'Nique's blackballing rant. Adrienne dismissed Mo'Niques claims citing she should handle it differently(which we all agree). Well Mo'Nique chimed back and threw some shade at Adrienne as well saying she(Adrienne) "has yet to win an Oscar" and she's willing to come back to "The Real" so they can discuss Adrienne's comments face to face. Wow! Adrienne has had quite the week and I'm sure she could use some adult beverages just in time for the Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure the execs at Warner(the company who produces "The Real") love all this controversy Adrienne is drumming up cause it means more viewers for the show and a possible renewal for next season!
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