Brandy said to be pregnant and Drake cleans up at "Billboard" awards

The word on the street is that singer Brandy is pregnant but she is denying it! Brandy's former "Moesha" co-star, Countess Vaughn(who she famously feuded with) congratulated Brandy on the news not once but twice. Brandy's own daughter came out and said her Mother had partaken in eating numerous amounts of pancakes and so forth. Well little does Brandy's daughter know that all the extra eating could mean your Mother is pregnant. Maybe Brandy is pregnant and she's just not ready to make the announcement. She did put in her bio that she is not pregnant and is far too busy to be. But Brandy has definitely been flaunting around her new man which has become a controversy in itself. Brandy hasn't had the best luck in relationships and I think people genuinely want to see her happy. But the real question is why is Countess Vaughn continually congratulating Brandy if she is saying it isn't true? Is Countess just being shady? Well, the Billboard Music awards went down last night and Drake was the big winner. He set a record for most awards in a single night beating Adele and even Michael Jackson. Congrats to Drake! Nicki Minaj opened up the show as advertised performing "No Frauds" and medley of her hits. I didn't watch the entire telecast cause personally I thought it was a bit boring. Elsewhere Bruno Mars performed as did Celine Dion and Cher.
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