Beyoncé to issue box set of album and Iggy Azalea returns with new single

Beyoncé is releasing "How To Make Lemonade" a box set of her hit album which contains a 600 book with a vinyl album. The box set retails for $300. While the price tag is ridiculous I do commend Beyoncé for always creating memorabilia for her fans to cherish for years down the road unlike other artists. Iggy Azalea is gearing up to release her new single, "Switch". It comes on the heels of her single, "Mo Bounce" which came and went faster than a meteor. Good luck to her! An Xscape biopic is in the works for the Atlanta quartet and apparently Jermaine Dupri and the group are butting heads. I don't know the whole story but its funny because when Xscape mentioned they were reuniting I didn't hear a peep from JD. Now that all these offers are on the table from Mona Scott Young and others, JD must want a piece of the piece as well. Janet Jackson has announced that she will be heading back out on the road after cancelling her tour last year to have a baby. Janet has kept her promise and has released new dates for the cancelled tour. Will you be going to see Janet?
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