Azealia Banks to release new single and Missy Elliott wants to do remix video

Happy Birthday to Remy Ma! I don't know how old she is but if I had to guess I'd say she's about 35ish. It is also Cee-Lo Green's birthday today. Remember back in the Summer when a video leaked of Cee-Lo Green on his Samsung phone and it exploded? Everyone was genuinely concerned for Cee-Lo and it was later discovered that the video was a hoax. Anyway...Azealia Banks will release a new song tomorrow on May 31(her birthday). The untitled song is said to be a teaser to Banks' re-release of her "Slay Z" mixtape released last year. The song will appear on Soundcloud but also iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services. Personally I can't wait to hear the new music. In other music news, I hear Beyoncé may be set to give birth tomorrow. Missy Elliott wants to do a video to her remix of "I'm Better" featuring Eve, Lil' Kim, and Trina. Will it happen? We will have to wait and see. At presstime, Missy urged fans to tweet Atlantic Records(Missy's record label and ironically Lil' Kim and Trina once called Atlantic Records their recording home back in the day) to put the song up on iTunes. The last time I checked the song wasn't on iTunes but a video would be nice. Speaking of Trina, she teased her new single, "If It Ain't Me" featuring K. Michelle. The song will be released on June 16(Friday). The song samples Patti Labelle's "Somebody Loves You Baby" song released back in 1991(or 1992). Trina's new album, "The One" was supposed to come out in April but I'm not sure what the hold up is. Trina's independent now but she is rolling out this album like its on a major label. Sony Red(a division of Sony Records; Columbia, Epic, and RCA Records) is handling the distribution of the album. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with holdup or not.
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