Azealia Banks to re-release mixtape and BET award nominee causes a ruckus

The BET Award nominations were released a few days ago and no surprises at all when it comes to the nominations. Beyoncé and Bruno Mars led with the nominations. The telecast will air on June 25(I think) on BET. VH1 rapper Cardi B from "Love & Hip Hop" got her first nomination for Best Female Rapper and was ecstatic about the news as she should be. Some trolls online weren't too happy about it and pissed her off and she ranted about it. I don't think she will will but that's very big that she did get nominated. A female rapper that didn't get nominated with Dreezy(song: "Close To You" featuring T-Pain) was very upset and vocal about her not getting nominated. I get her frustration because its like you're not being acknowledged by your own people but after all its the BET awards and its not the only music award ceremony there is in the world. As expected Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj are both nominated. Fan favorite Nicki Minaj has a shot at getting the award but I really think Remy deserves it this time. Remy's been on a few features, she was on "Empire"(one of the biggest shows on TV) and she dropped an album and so forth. Nicki just dropped a few songs in the past few months and she is always getting features so that's nothing new. Who will win? I guess we will have to tune in to see? Another female rapper is coming back to the spotlight; Azealia Banks! She revealed through her new Twitter and business handle that she is re-releasing her mixtape, "Slay Z" which was released last year. The mixtape was supposed to be released on iTunes and other streaming sites but it got leaked prior to the release. Now Azealia plans to release the mixtape again with some new tracks added including the single, "Playhouse"(which Azealia recorded over a year ago). She says there are to be 12 songs on the mixtape now retitled," "Slay Z Vol 1." Azealia says she plans to get VH1 rappers; Cardi B. and Remy Ma on the mixtape which she plans to release on June 10 or by June 20. As you know with any musician, release dates get pushed back but she says she is working pretty fast on this along with her new management team. I hope things work out and we get the music because I could use some new music. Azealia did promise fans there will be new music released on May 31(her birthday). The song is rumored to be titled, "Escapades" but could very well be the mastered version of "Playhouse".

In other news:
  • R&B group Xscape will reunite for the Essence Festival on July 2
  • Faith Evans will release "The King and I" tomorrow on May 19
  • Amber Roses' Twitter page was hacked 
  • Trina gets awarded May 15 as "Trina Day" in Miami 
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