Nicki Minaj responds to Remy Ma in new song, "No Frauds"

Nicki finally responds.
  • Low and behold Nicki Minaj FINALLY responded to Remy Ma's "shEther" dis! Late last night Nicki unveiled not one but three new songs. "No Frauds" featuring Drake and Lil' Wayne takes aim at Remy Ma and some of the claims she's made on "shEther". On the song Nicki says Remy Ma has also had surgery to look like friend and reality star, Rah Ali. She also made light of the fact that Remy went to jail over a stack(of money)  and how could she leave her son for so long for her dumb decision basically. The song was met with mixed response. Nicki fans immediately embraced the song and its commercial appeal. Others feel that Nicki should have come harder and I agree. Yes! I'm glad Nicki finally responded but I was expecting something along the lines of "Romans Revenge" when Nicki really came hard. I did expect Nicki to throw some jabs at Nicki by way of collaboration and I was right. 
  • Nicki was feeling very confident with her newly released song that she took time to address Remy directly challenging her to record a hit song in 72 hours and she will give her $500,000 dollars I believe. It all sounds silly to me but will Remy respond? I'm sure she will. Of course everyone on social media has an opinion and some very valid ones in all this! Even some DJs and forgotten rappers have weighed in. Lady Luck, a famed rapper from back in the day who famously battled Remy Ma and lost is still butt hurt and dogged Remy in a recent interview. Nicki also shouted Lady Luck out so that got her mojo going obviously. Nothing wrong with that right? Lady Luck insinuated that Remy is not a real rapper and you can tell she's simply reading off a piece of paper when reciting her rhymes. She likened her flow to a 500 pound person out of breath! Ouch! It's funny because I agree with that statement! I like Remy but never been a fan of her flow. I always felt it needed work. 
Click here to hear "No Fruads" featuring Lil' Wayne and Drake
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