Nicki Minaj blasts Party Next Door over new song

  • Nicki Minaj's new song, "Regret In Your Tears" is being touted as a Party Next Door(song: "Not Nice") knock off and Nicki Minaj quickly defended the song by denying the accusations. Party Next Door's screenshots of his Twitter likes reveals he was feeling similar to others about the song's similarity in his melodies and so forth. I do notice that Nicki is always blasting men(Safaree, Trey Songz, Party Next Door) publicly and women(Remy Ma etc.) privately. Remy Ma accused Nicki of stopping her "bag"(money) behind the scenes. 
  • Speaking of Remy Ma, two other female rappers have weighed in on Remy's feud with Nicki Minaj. Khia(song: "My Neck My Back") posted a meme on social media asking her followers to name 5 Remy Ma songs and even allowed them to name the several she has with Fat Joe. Clearly Khia was being messy because there is not many people that can name 5 songs of hers. Khia went one step further by posting a picture of herself in a Papoose(Remy Ma's husband) shirt. I didn't know he had shirts with his picture on it so that was a shock in itself! 
  • Lady Luck(former artist signed to Def Jam and stars in Bravo's "First Family of Hip Hop") says she won't address Remy Ma fans unless they show proof that they've purchased her album. She was likely saying this to see if the supposed fans of Remy Ma was not just jumping on her bandwagon and were legitimately Remy Ma fans. I don't think someone has to prove that their a fan of an artist or if their on the side in a particular argument. 
  • Ciara was injured in a car accident yesterday and the news had all the blogs talking. Ciara's husband says Ciara and baby are "great". Remember that weird photo Ciara posted with her family? Well after the outcry she deleted the picture and posted another that was more suitable and not so over the top. 
  • Beyoncé and Jay Z are opening up a restaurant in L.A. Sounds interesting! Doesn't it?
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