Music Feed: Trey Songz vs. Everybody

It seems prior to Trey Songz releasing his newest album, "Tremaine" he's been embroiled in some pretty high profile celebrity feuds. Now whether or not these feuds are simply for publicity purposes or not, you will have to decide. I have decided to profile some of the feuds Trey has had publicly in the last few months or so because boy has it been a few. Remember when Trey got arrested while performing in Detroit? Well he later pleaded no contest but to be honest with you all I don't remember what he got arrested for. Do you? And we can't forget his feud with obnoxious actress, Keke Palmer. Keke was upset with Trey when she says her image was shown in a video without her permission. Trey shot back and said Keke was aware of a video being filmed. Last month Nicki Minaj got upset with Trey for not coming to her defense when Remy Ma accused her of sleeping with Trey in her "shEther" dis. Trey and Nicki traded some words on Twitter and Trey made light of the fact that he did deny the allegations and that Nicki should take her anger out on Remy. When asked about Nicki in a recent interview, Trey said that Nicki wasn't "shit" before appearing on his "Bottoms Up" single. Singer August Alsina is upset with Trey as well cause his name was mentioned during the same interview. He has vowed to whoop Trey's "goofy ass". Ha! Well there you have! Trey Songz vs. Everbody. Did I miss anyone?
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