Foxy Brown releases dis track aimed at Remy Ma

Deaf Jam
I apologize for the lack of updates. Hell, I didn't realize it had been so many days since my last update. I will call this post the "Female Rap Edition" because honestly this is the most female rappers have been talked about in quite some time.
  • So Foxy Brown has inserted herself into the feud between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj. But this goes back to what I was saying in the "shEther" song when Remy said "deaf bitch" she was talking about Foxy. The line was one that went over many people's head. But I knew Remy was talking about Foxy all along and apparently so did she. Not one to bite her tongue, Foxy came blazing with "Break's Over" a dis to Remy. The dis track sample's Jay Z's "Takeover" which was Jay Z's response to Nas' "Ether" track. Foxy wastes no time going in on Remy and defending Nicki. Foxy's song had twitter on fire yesterday as "Foxy" and "Break's Over" was trending the majority of Friday. In more Foxy Brown news, the rapper reportedly had just given birth. It was revealed through the "Wendy" show. Other outlets began reporting the story and Foxy herself hasn't confirmed or denied the story. Wendy did say that she invited Foxy to perform on the show but Foxy declined. Wendy thinks that Foxy was pregnant and didn't want to be seen publicly at the time. Foxy was also booked to do a show, a show that featured Remy on the bill but pulled out due to not being able to travel, doctor's orders. This was complete with a picture of her wrist with a band at the hospital further clarifying Foxy was actually pregnant at that time. 
  • It's funny because Foxy didn't waste a lot of time responding to Remy especially after reportedly giving birth. But Remy has been slick dissing Foxy and Nicki for some time so it was a matter of time before they responded. As far as Nicki Minaj's response to Remy, who knows if she'll even address her at this point. I do think with the number of collaborations Nicki does with other artists, she'll throw in a few jabs or two at Remy. Hell, maybe she has something saved up for her album release. Meanwhile Nicki has been spotted on a secret video shoot with Future and is currently in Paris. 
  • Remy Ma appeared on "Wendy" Friday and says her final breaking point for dissing Nicki was a bunch of behind the scenes drama no one knew about. Remy claims that Nicki was doing and saying things to block Remy from a number of red carpet events and trying to stop her "bag"(money). Remy also says this is the same thing Nicki did to Mariah, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus. Remy dressed in funeral attire telling Wendy to "never speak ill of the dead". Remy says she is not expecting a response from Nicki and that she's done with it. A few days ago Remy dropped another dis record, "Another One" aimed at Nicki but this one pales in comparison to "shEther". The track was immediately criticized online for being a failed attempt to recreate Drake's "Back 2 Back". It was revealed yesterday through Foxy's hype man that Remy has sent her friend, Ms. Hustle from "Queen of the Ring" to write a dis towards Foxy and she agreed confirming it on Facebook. I guess Remy got tired of dissing Foxy so she her understudy to do so. This should be interesting!
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