Ciara debuts weird family photo and Future may have a sex tape

Slip of the finger
  • So I was on TheShadeRoom and I saw a post where it showed that Kelly Rowland liked a comment someone made regarding a new family picture Ciara posted. The picture in question is of Ciara with her pregnant belly showing and her son, Future; naked covering her breast and her husband; Russell Wilson with his face in her behind covered holding her hips. Click here to see the picture for yourself. I do feel the picture is a bit much. I do feel that Ciara is an attention whore. I mean if no one buys your music like that anymore you must do something to keep people's attention and she definitely does that. I was surprised to see Kelly Rowland like a not so kind comment about Ciara considering they're supposed to be friends. Then again these R&B girls are always falling out with each other so you can truly never keep up. Do you all remember when Beyoncé's mother liked a not so kind comment about Jennifer Hudson and got called out on it? She ended up posting a video apologizing and crying not aware of what she had done. She took a break from social media following the flub. What do you think, would you be upset if your friend liked a comment that was made about you that was unkind? Hell, I know I would!
  • Speaking of Ciara, her ex; Future may have back to back #1 albums on the Billboard charts but word is he may have a sex tape in existence. When Future was smashing NBA player Scottie Pippen's wife, he allegedly recorded their escapades and have shown many a friends. It's just a matter of time before the footage hits the web. You know we all love a good sex tape or clip. I think we see more clips than anything but I'll take it. 
  • Fantasia has been hospitalized for being severely burned after knocking over a vaporizer. Fantasia's husband posted a message to her fans and a picture of her in the hospital with her arm covered in a bandage. Get well Fantasia! 
In other news...
  • Nicki Minaj has now tied Aretha Franklin for the most Hot 100 hits by a female with 73.
  • Azealia Banks has a warrant for her arrest for biting a female officer in the breast. 
  • Nicki Minaj's ex sits down with "Wendy" and says he wants credit for the influence he had in her career. 
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