Trina reveals new single and Rihanna sets new record

"Damn" Trina!
  • Trina posted a live video to her Facebook account on the set of her new video "Damn". The video will serve as the first single and video from her upcoming album. Trina said the song will be released on January 6 and it features Canadian singer Tory Lanez who was also present in the live video. The live video was from a club in Philly where Tory is currently touring at. No word on when Trina's new album will start but I am happy that Trina is moving right along and putting out her long awaited follow up to "Amazin" which was released back in 2010 believe it or not. 
  • Rihanna's new single, "Love On The Brain" has just reached the top 20 on the Pop chart and it sets a new record for Rihanna. "Love" becomes Rihanna's 40th top 20 single! Congrats Rihanna! Rihanna was recently nominated for Grammy's and next month will mark her album, "Anti" 1 year anniversary. Can you believe its already been a year since its been released? I remember when "Anti" was released and I remember playing it during my workouts. It was one of my favorite albums released this year. Check my list in the sidebar to see what other albums made my list. 
  • Reality TV star Meghan from BGC("Bad Girls Club") got into a social media feud with annoying actress, Keke Palmer. Apparently Keke Palmer made some comments about BGC when Meghan was a cast member of the show. The comments got back to Meghan and the two traded insults back and forth all day that had social media on fire. Did you guys see this?
  • Kenya Moore of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" took to social media to blast her ex-boyfriend Matt Jordan after he blasted her on social media a week ago. Matt has since moved on with a Kenya Moore lookalike. Kenya made light of She made light of Matt's multiple arrests in the last year and how she's been a sugar mama to him. This is what Kenya gets for wanting a man so bad that she's willing to settle and deal with all his demons. She was really smitten over him I believe. Due to past rumors of Kenya hiring men to play her boyfriends on the show, I'm not sure what is true anymore when it comes to her. I'm convinced a lot of what we see on "Housewives" is all made up since the ladies want to keep their spots on the show. What do you think? Do you think reality TV is scripted contrary to popular belief?
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