T.I. wants wife Tiny Harris to call off divorce proceedings

Azealia's chicken coop
  • T.I. is trying to put a stop to his divorce, a month after Tiny Harris filed. T.I. even put up a cryptic meme on his social media in regards to all the media speculation that has dogged the couple in recent days. What do you think? Should Tiny call off her divorce? Is T.I. going to do right now after 15 years? I personally think she should continue with the divorce proceedings. My friend and I were texting about the impeding divorce and my friend said T.I. is "on the market" and I replied that he was on the "market" when he was married! 
  • Brandy's songwriter, TC; who is or was a huge Brandy fan prior to working with her blasted her on social media yesterday. He made light of how Brandy was allegedly upset at him for taking a picture with Beyoncé. He also went on to say that he was done with Brandy. After a blog posted the tweets, Brandy must of got wind of it and immediately defused the situation. She posted a video of her TC running through some harmonies playfully. It seems like they patched things up pretty quickly. Now if Brandy would patch things up with Monica, she'd be platinum. Don't you think? I really like Brandy but I do agree with a lot of comments I read about how she has been tripping lately. As far as the whole Beyoncé thing, if she is not a fan she should own it. Keri Hilson is not a Beyoncé fan and she's been living in her truth even though its cost her a music career. She does have a movie with Beyoncé's best friend, Kelly Rowland that will be airing on the Lifetime network. What are the odds of that? I see they have a few scenes together cause I saw the preview earlier when I was watching a movie on Lifetime. I do remember when I followed Keri Hilson on Snapchat, she was filming this movie. The movie stars actress Megan Good(movie: "Eve's Bayou" and "Waist Deep") dating around and trying to find the perfect guy. I wish I could remember the name of the movie but one thing I do remember is the title of the movie was long as hell!
  • Last but not least, Azealia Banks was on social media cleaning her apartment and I saw the videos of which I admit I didn't pay a lot of attention to. Well it turns out she was cleaning up the slaughter of chickens she's slaughtered in her apartments. Well of course social media is having a field day with this and labeled Azealia as "sacrificing chickens" as part of her well known witch spells. In typical Azealia Banks fashion, she clapped back defending her actions and also shot back at singer, Sia. *rolls eyes*
Happy New Year's Eve to you all! Have a safe and enjoyable night!
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