Rihanna responds to shady Beyoncé rant and Kim K. planning to divorce Kanye West

Beyoncé leads Grammy nods
  • The Grammy award nominations were revealed yesterday and Beyoncé, Adele, Drake, and Rihanna scores multiple nominations. Congrats to all the nominees. I could really care less about the Grammys this year or for the last few year to be honest. It's always the same artists getting nominated. I was however glad to see Remy Ma get her first nomination in 11 years and I was also glad to see R&B trio King get a nomination. If you don't know who King is you should look them up. They're a trio based out of L.A. and their debut album is titled, "We Are King".
  • Speaking of Rihanna and Beyoncé, Rihanna had to clear up a post she liked on Instagram of a fan blasting Beyoncé's multiple Grammy wins and how Rihanna should of been nominated for Album of the Year. Rihanna responded after a backlash and said that she simply liked the post without really reading it and added that people shouldn't pit women against each other. People are posting memes and making speculation that Beyoncé paid for her Grammy nods and what not but I wasn't surprised that she was nominated as much. I'm sure her and Adele will be the big winners the night of the Grammys. 
  • There are reports that Kim Kardashian is planning to divorce Kanye West but it was quickly revealed that its untrue. You know what I say, there is always truth to a rumor. Maybe they won't divorce now but I wouldn't be surprised if it happens down the road unfortunately. 
  • Speaking of Kardashians, the family is blocking Blac Chyna from changing her name to Angela Kardashian. First of all, Blac Chyna isn't even married to Rob yet that I know of. She seems a little thirsty to adopt the name to be honest. I personally think she should keep her name. She's gained notoriety for her name and she's famous now. Everything she's been wanting is now happening. I don't care much for Blac Chyna but I did like her show with Rob on E! Did you all watch? And have you seen the baby, Dream Kardashian? 

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