R. Kelly in trouble with man whose daughter he is dating and Kelly Rowland gets new gig

Kelly's going down under
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to my readers, followers, and supporters. I hope you all had a fun and safe Holiday. Of course I have some music news for you so here it goes!
  • Kelly Rowland has been tapped to be the fourth judge on Australia's version of "The Voice". In a statement Rowland says "Australia is one of her favorite places". Someone said in the comments of where this story originated from and said Kelly keeps a job and I agree. Kelly stays working! Congrats Kelly! 
  • Speaking of Kelly, R. Kelly is in hot water again, this time for running off with a man's daughter. The daughter in question is 19 years old and has been working with R. Kelly on music. It was a report that surfaced awhile back saying R. Kelly had a 19 year old girlfriend and I take it, this is she. I mean this is not news because we all know that R. Kelly likes young(er) girls. But the father is upset that R. Kelly is messing with his daughter. Maybe R. Kelly needs to give him some hush money so he can shut up and go away. R. Kelly is 50 years old and the girl is 19; perfectly legal but people still have a problem with the vast age difference, Me, myself; I could care less. I say whatever makes you happy. 
  • Rapper Troy Ave who was being extorted in regards to a sex tape was shot on Christmas Day in his Maserati. There is no suspect at the moment. But do you all remember when Troy Ave was involved in that shootout? I believe it was during a T.I. concert. I don't know but Troy Ave posted a photo on social media with his sidekick 50 Cent so he's okay obviously. 
  • Last but not least, singer George Michael known for his hits; "Father Figure" and "Faith" and his group Wham! has died on Christmas Day at the age of 53. I can't believe how young he was. Michael reportedly died from heart failure at his home. Fans and celebrities have expressed their sadness during this time. R.I.P.
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