Nicki Minaj sets new chart record with new single release

Nicki's new record
  • Nicki Minaj sets a new record! She just scored her 70th Hot 100 hit. This week, her new single, "Black Beatles" debuts at #65 giving Nicki her 70th chart hit. Aretha Franklin holds the distinction of the most Hot 100 hits with 73. Something tells me Nicki Minaj will top Aretha next year. What do you think? 
  • Speaking of Nicki Minaj, another female, rapper Remy Ma has been drawing criticism from some who insists she is throwing shade at Nicki in various raps. One minute Remy is congratulating Nicki then the next it seems Remy is shading her. I personally think its just the name of the game. I think its a friendly competition if anything. But we know Nicki is going to throw a few bars Remy's way very soon. Remy contends if she doesn't say your name then its not about you. But how many rappers actually say that and mean it? What do you think? Do you think Remy is going at Nicki? Remy went on a social media post binge with memes of lyrics and some did seem like they were aimed at Nicki. But who knows? 
  • Mary J. Blige has spoken out to E! news about her impeding divorce saying she is in a lot of debt over her soon to be ex-husband's spending habits. Mary claims that Kendu, her ex-husband was spending money on things not related to them and she was taking care of his family and a whole bunch of other jargon. This is getting uglier by the day and I know Mary will have a lot to sing about on this new album. Mary says she's also paying back record companies, taxes, and a whole lot of other debt. I was just thinking that these artists are human as well and they go through things like us normal folk. Debt, divorce, etc. I do hope things work in Mary's favor and she delivers us another classic album because I've haven't been interested or liked a Mary album since "The Breakthrough".
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