Kanye West meets with president elect Donald Trump

Mariah gets a special visitor
  • Mariah Carey got a special visit from Beyoncé during her Christmas concert at the Beacon Theater in New York. The two posed for photos which later made the social media rounds and a second picture this time with both ladies and their kids. People poked fun at the fact that Beyoncé brought Blue Ivy, her daughter to play with Mariah's kids but won't bring Blue Ivy around North West, Kanye Wests' daughter. 
  • Speaking of Kanye West, the rapper was seen meeting up with president elect Donald Trump at the Trump Tower. The move has shocked everyone and Kanye took to Twitter to express his reasons for meeting Donald Trump. Kanye tweeted that the two talked about violence in Chicago and curriculum among other things. Kanye also hashtagged "#2024" which I'm guessing is the year he plans to run for office as well. If Trump can win the presidential election with no experience, anything is possible from here on out. 
  • I read a headline that Lupe Fiasco, the rapper known for "Kick Push" says "albums cancelled" but something tells me no one really cares. Do you? 
  • Robin Thicke's father Alan Thicke known for his role on the TV show, "Growing Pains" has died today at the age of 69. Reports say he suffered a heart attack during a hockey game. Very sad. R.I.P. 
  • I read a bogus blind item about a "popular R&B singer" who is planning to come out but his handlers are scared it will hurt his career. As far as popular R&B singers go its not many that come to mind except for Trey Songz, Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller but the picture that was attached to the blind item featured singer Lloyd, rapper Pusha T, and producer The-Dream. The blind item says the said popular singer used to be in a group and for those that don't know Lloyd used to be in a group called N-Toon. Then again all this is simply rumors right now and nothing has been revealed to be true at presstime. If this is indeed "Tru"(the name of Lloyd's new single) I will be surprised. I never got gay with Lloyd but you can't put anything past anyone these days.
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