Cee Lo Green phone explodes in shocking surveillance video

Beauty is only skin deep
  • Cee Lo Green of NBC's "The Voice" is making headlines after a surveillance video surfaced of him in the studio talking on a phone and it exploding and him dropping to the ground. It's being reported that the phone was one manufactured by Samsung. Samsung has faced harsh criticism in recent months after their Galaxy Note phones began exploding and causing fires. There has been no word yet from Samsung in regards to the incident. No one is sure if the phone he's using was actually a Samsung either. It's all just speculation. I would hate for it to be an Apple phone though. I do hope Cee Lo is okay though.
  • Lil' Kim is back in the spotlight once again for accusations that she bleached her skin. There was a picture of Lil' Kim floating around with VH1 reality TV stars Yandy Smith and Kimbella and an unidentified guy. In the picture, Kim looked really pale or she just had on makeup that resembled that of a geisha. When the picture made the rounds, people were in arms about the validity of the picture. Some accused the picture of being a bad photoshop job while others have pledged that Kim has taken it too far with the plastic surgery and bad makeup choices. Kim came to her own defense when a fan lashed out. Kim states she has not bleached her skin. Kim later deleted the comment. What do you all think? Do you think Kim has bleached her skin or she just chooses to wear makeup that is several shades lighter? 
  • Gucci Mane visited syndicated radio show, "The Breakfast Club" and revealed that he and host, Angela Yee once shared a fling. Angela has denied the claims but Gucci stands by his statements. I do notice that whenever a guy claims he's slept with someone in the public eye, the woman always almost denies it. I'm not saying that they man is lying but why would he lie on his dick? It doesn't make sense to me. Remember when Eminem came out and said he had sex with Mariah? Mariah has always denied it but there may be some truth to it. Remember when Corey Clark from "American Idol" claim he slept with Paula Abdul? I don't know. Who do you believe? I think sometimes the women may not want to admit publicly that they slept with certain men because of how they may be looked upon in the public eye. Eminem is hailed as one of the great rappers but is also viewed in lesser terms depending on who you ask. I don't know what women would admit to sleeping with Gucci Mane anyway so I feel Angela on that but who knows. 

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