Azealia Banks shades the hell out of Nicki Minaj after video game diss

Azealia at it again
  • Azealia Banks is at again but this time for good reason. It seems that Nicki Minaj threw some shade at Azealia via her new video game, "Empire". In the video game, there is a caption between two characters in which one characters asks if they heard the "Fan2Sea" album. The other character replies that the album is "loud" and "annoying". So when I was at work this morning, I get a message from my friend with this long paragraph from Azealia Banks blasting Nicki Minaj and I thought where did this come from? Well it turns out it was from the video game caption that was subtle shade at Azealia Banks' "Fantasea" mixtape that was released a few years back. When I say Azealia went in on Nicki, she went in. She blasted Nicki on everything from her fake booty to losing some weight in her neck. It was so crazy but typical of Azealia. I'm not mad at Azealia this time since Nicki threw shade first. Usually its Azealia just talking out of her neck for no reason. Will Nicki response to the shade? Yeah? Maybe in a freestyle or another video game. 
  • Speaking of Nicki Minaj it is being reported that her and boyfriend, Meek Mill are broken up. This isn't the first time this report has surfaced. Apparently the two are not following each other on social media. Personally I think Meek Mill is a little immature for Nicki. I think she needs someone more on her level financially and someone more mature. Nicki does have a type though. Meek Mill and Safaree Samuels(Nicki's other ex) have the same body type and the same skin complexion. What do you think? Do you think Nicki and Meek Mill are broken up for good this time or is this just another stunt in the name of Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian?
  • The Game was on stage making claims that he may smash(have sex) with Rihanna cause it was in his "dreams" or some jargon. First of all, Game has a sexual assault case against him where he is ordered to pay money. Whether he is innocent or not remains a mystery but I wouldn't be talking about what I would do sexually to anyone, celebrity or not in a public setting when I have a sexual assault lawsuit looming over me. The Game filed an appeal and was DENIED! I notice about Game, he doesn't hide the celebrity women he's been intimate with. He named Blac Chyna as someone he had sex with.This goes back to Gucci Mane claiming he had sex with Angela Yee. Now personally I wouldn't admit to having sex with Gucci Mane if I did. He's not easy on the eyes at all even with the weight loss. Some people want their sexual conquests to stay a secret but people have big mouths.
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