Monica said to be pregnant and Kanye West still hospitalized

Monica may be with child.
Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I went out of town for the Holiday but now I am back.
  • There are rumors swirling around that Monica may be with child. The singer has yet to confirm these rumors but it wouldn't surprise me. Last night Monica appeared on "Where Are They Now?" which appears on the OWN network. Personally if I were Monica I would of been insulted if they asked me to appear on the show. I say this because Monica is still in the spotlight. Just this year she released an album and while it didn't perform that spectacularly, we know Monica is still around. I could understand them doing a story on someone like Sisqo because no one knows what happened to him. But hey you know what they say, "there is no such thing as bad publicity". What do you think?
  • Kanye West is still hospitalized and is now said to be suffering from "paranoia" and "depression" among other things. My intentions are not to sound insensitive but Kanye should be in the same rehab as Kid Cudi.
  • Tamar Braxton and her husband, Vince Herbert just celebrated their 8th anniversary. Congrats to the couple! For some reason though, I figured they've been together longer. 
  • VH1 reality TV star, Joseline Hernandez is said to be giving birth in January and she is already placing rumored father to be, Stevie J on child support. Stevie J, meanwhile wants a paternity test. Did you know that Stevie J is now dating Faith Evans? I mean how random is that. Looking back on those episodes when Faith was "Love & Hip Hop", I noticed the way she looked at Stevie and it was lust in her eyes. Haha! 

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