Kanye West hospitalized and Ray J disses Kim K. in new song

The tea is hot!
  • Days after his rant and meltdown during his St. Pablo Tour, Kanye West has abruptly cancelled his tour and is now hospitalized. Reports are describing the hospitalization as a "health and safety concern". Many are saying that Kanye is dealing with a lot personally and professionally. He called out friends; Beyoncé and Jay Z for being disloyal and claiming that Beyoncé informed MTV that she would not perform if they didn't award her Video of the Year. He has also been dealing with the fallout from his wife; Kim K. who suffered from her robbery overseas. Many shunned Kanye after abruptly ending his concert mid set and after he made claims that he would've voted for Donald Trump. Hopefully Kanye gets the rest and help he needs. He is certainly going through a lot and I can imagine its not easy especially being someone in the spotlight. 
  • Speaking of Kanye West, Ray J still has some things to get off his chest as he's released a new song dissing Kim K. Why? This whole fiasco is so old but Ray J is likely responding after Kanye called out Ray J in his song, "Famous". I get Ray's needing to respond but Ray comes off as jealous, bitter, and immature. Let it go Ray. You are a married man now. Kim K. would be the least of my concerns. I don't even know the name of this song but I have no interest in hearing it. Do you?

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