Kanye West calls out Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez kisses ex on stage

Don't come for Bey
  • Kanye West has ignited a storm of controversy during his most recent concert. During a break from the music Kanye made claims that MTV's Video Music Awards is rigged citing that was the reasoning for Beyoncé win for "Formation". MTV quickly shot back denying the claims saying that Beyoncé won fair and square due to the controversy behind the video and the cinematography. If that wasn't enough Kanye ended his concert early leaving many fans chanting "Fuck Kanye West!" I'm starting to think that people shouldn't even waste their money going to see Kanye at this point if he's going to abandon his set early. However it may still be worth the price of admission to simply attend and see what he is going to say or do for that matter. On a lighter note, he did bring out Kid Cudi; who called out Kanye months ago. It was possibly the best moment of the concert. Of course all the name calling and accusations that Kanye made last night made it onto all of the blogs including this one! :)
  • Not one to be outdone, Jennifer Lopez shocked everyone when she kissed her ex-husband, Marc Anthony in the lips during a recent performance together. The day following the said event, Marc Anthony's current wife filed for divorce. Now I'm thinking why can't Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez ever keep a mate? It seems like they are always divorcing someone or are the divorcee. Maybe they need to get back together. To add insult to injury, Marc said that J-Lo was like a "sister" after the kiss. Really? This is your ex-wife by the way who is one of the hottest women on earth. I guess! Marc Anthony made light of the publicity by publicly kissing a bevy of people in the lips; men and women. Hey! I'd kiss Marc Anthony! Ha!
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