Brandy shades Monica and T.I. and Floyd Mayweather spar over video

Prayers and thoughts to those affected by the shooting at Ohio State University.
  • Brandy was honored last night during the Soul Train Music Awards. During her performance of her hit single, "Talk About Our Love", Brandy changed the lyrics in which many interpreted to be shade towards Monica and her fans for a feud they started months ago. Monica responded by saying that Brandy was a "legend" and deserving of the award. Not one to be outdone, Brandy also posted a loving tribute to Whitney Houston after Monica appeared on "Where Are They Know?" detailing her close relationship with Whitney. We know both ladies had a close relationship with Whitney so I don't understand the reasoning behind who Whitney was the closest to. I do think Brandy is being very petty right now and its not a good look in my opinion. I always looked at Brandy as classy but right now my feelings are changing about her. Just stick to making music. The Monica fans; no offense is not worth all the shade. Do you ma! 
  • Tamar Braxton is mad at Monica so it was revealed that Tamar started following Brandy on Instagram and agreed with Brandy's post shading Monica. Tamar is also mad at Tiny Harris for an unspecified reason but no one is more petty than Tamar. Then again we don't know the real reasoning for her upset so we can only speculate.
  • The feud between rapper T.I., his wife, Tiny, and boxer; Floyd Mayweather continues. T.I. posted a video of Kevin Hart cracking jokes towards Floyd Mayweather. Floyd caught wind of the video and posted his own video of T.I.'s wife, Tiny dancing up on Floyd during Mariah Carey's Halloween party. If you recall there was a picture that surfaced of Tiny and Floyd Mayweather along with Mariah Carey. When the picture hit the blogs, Tiny chalked up the shocking picture to Mariah simply wanting her to partake in the picture. If you ask me, Mariah was being very messy. She had to be aware of their sordid past. Besides Tiny could of simply moved to the other end if she didn't want to be pictured next to Floyd. But from what the video shows, Tiny was pretty close with Floyd during the festivities. No word from T.I. yet but maybe they can make a Pay Per View event where they get in the ring and fight it out. We already know what Floyd is capable of in the ring and we all know T.I. is a gangster. He carries guns and all his concerts get shot up! 
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