Wendy Williams under fire for "Housewives" comment and Tyga's mother's car is repo'ed

Flashback Friday pic.
  • Wendy Williams is under fire for throwing shade at "RHOA" star Kenya Moore. Moore, who is in a battle with co-star, Shereé Whitfield over whose new house would be completed first, finds the two stars nearly comes to blows during the season 9 trailer. In the trailer, Kenya is seen saying that Shereé's mother, Thelma has her name on the house so therefore its not really Shereé's. Wendy offered her insight as she usually does making light of the fact that Kenya's own mother wouldn't even open the door for her. Kenya shared on the past season that her mother has been estranged since she was a child and won't acknowledge her. Wendy has caught a lot of flack for her comments the same way she did when she criticized the black colleges. Wendy has always been cutthroat, even during her radio days but she is starting to get nastier. I have always been a fan and supporter of Wendy. I do feel like her comments towards Kenya was harsh but Kenya is known to hit below the belt as well. Kenya is actually my least favorite "housewife". The way she bullied Kim Fields last season was despicable. 
  • Tyga is in more trouble! This time the repo man is looking to get his mother's Range Rover. What is is with Tyga buying all these cars and property and not paying for it? It looks like he is trying to keep up with the Joneses and failing miserably at it. Maybe he can ask his rich girlfriend, Kylie Jenner for a loan.
  • Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are rumored to be on the outs according to reports. Just a few days ago Blac Chyna tweeted out Rob's number. Prior to that Rob tweeted out Kylie's number. Some say this is just publicity for the show, "Rob & Chyna" which have been sagging in the ratings lately. I just started watching the show last week because my sister watches. It's actually a really good show. I'm not a fan of Blac Chyna's though but Rob is cute with this thick self! :) 

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