The Game sex tape leaks out, beefs with Meek Mill in new fiery dis track

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  • Game has ignited a firestorm of controversy after he appeared onstage and threatened to fight Meek Mill. The next day Game and some of his comrades nearly escaped a drive by shooting. Apparently someone in a Mustang fired some shots off near Game's truck. Many wondered if the shots were in anyway connected to Game being onstage the previous night roasting Meek Mill. Meek Mill responded with a meme shading Game and a series of memes followed between the two rambunctious emcees. Not one to be outdone, Game upped the ante by dragging Meek Mill's girlfriend, Nicki Minaj in the mess. Game posted a still picture of himself and Minaj starring in her video for "Pills & Potions" citing "the last time she held a real nigga". Game even changed his profile picture on Instagram to he and Minaj and his bio states that he is "Petty AF(as fuck)". 
  • In other Game news, a sex tape starring the Compton rapper has leaked out online and has Twitter going crazy in all the wrong ways. The steamy four minute clip features Game on top of a mystery woman grunting and moaning before reaching his climax. The video ends with Game rolling off the woman and over on his side where he can be heard saying "I'm sorry". The statement is in response to him ejaculating probably sooner than he had planned. I saw a series of tweets where some Twitter users joked about Game's lack of stamina. 
  • Game also released a new dis track aimed at Meek Mill among others titled, "92 Bars". Game, in typical fashion name checks Blac Chyna, Lebron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Oakland Raiders. When Game goes in, he goes in, I will say that.

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