Sean Kingston goes off on The Game in video and Beanie Sigel laments return to the rap game

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  • Things continue to heat up between Meek Mill and The Game and now Sean Kingston. The whole origin of the beef between Meek Mill and The Game stem from them both being in the same club one night, the same night Sean Kingston was there and robbed of $300,000 in jewelry. Apparently Meek Mill ratted out The Game and his squad as being the ones responsible for the theft. Fast forward to last week, Game appeared on stage during a show and chanted "Fuck Meek Mill" and how he wishes to "beat his ass". Now Sean Kingston has entered the ring in a profanity filled tirade against the Game. In the video Sean Kingston clowns Game for being a fake, a liar, a 40 year old rapper, etc. The Sean Kingston seen in these videos were a far cry from the pop singer we know him to be. He must of been really upset and rightfully so. The Game is really out of control in my opinion and he's an Internet bully.
  • Game also has a new album coming out titled, "1992"(the year he acts like he was born) but it all seems to be perfect timing for the emcee. He has his name brewing in the streets and on the Internet so this is all the perfect makings of having a hit album. You know they say there's no such thing as bad publicity. Controversy sells but will it help Game sell his new album? 
  • Beanie Sigel, Philly's own has threatened to come out of retirement if he has to in order to help support Meek Mill. I believe Beanie and Game had a beef in the past?
  • There is a video surfacing of a cypher from the BET Hip Hop Awards which were recorded last night of Remy Ma spitting some fire. Of course people are saying she took a few shots at Nicki. And of course this will only give Nicki fans more reason to say that everyone is coming at Nicki. I think if Remy did intend to throw a few bars at Nicki, they were not in malice but just letting her know, I got bars too, don't get it twisted.
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