Rah Digga upsets Nicki Minaj fans and Kid Cudi upset with Kanye West and Drake

Nicki Minaj fans erupt
  • Rah Digga of Flipmode Squad fame upset Nicki Minaj fans today when she shaded Nicki Minaj on Twitter. One fan said that Nicki would wash Rah to which Rah replied "with her lyrics or  Safaree's?". Safaree Samuels, Nicki Minaj's ex has long been rumored to have penned some of Nicki's biggest hits. He's even claimed this as well after their breakup and Nicki herself has always denied this. What Rah said was something that Azealia Banks actually said yesterday on Twitter. She just worded it slightly different. Azealia was called out for working with Safaree and hating on Nicki. Azealia said she likes Nicki's songs but the ones Safaree wrote. This is pretty similar to what Rah said so naturally Nicki Minaj fans are in an uproar. To add injury to insult, Lil' Mama has been throwing shots at Nicki as well so it looks like Nicki had to put out something to silence the haters but all it did was make them talk more. Now I like everybody I mentioned above so naturally I'm just reporting the story but if I had to choose between these four ladies, my first choice is Azealia Banks. 
  • Kid Cudi has spoken out against Drake and Kanye West in a Twitter rant that set Twitter on fire today. Cudi spoke about how rappers brag about how great they are and how they're in the top 5 but have 30 writers to a song. He has a point though and that's naturally(I keep using this word tonight for some reason) what started the whole Rah Digga vs. Nicki Minaj fans Twitter squabble because she said(now I remember), that this also applies to females. So a fan tweeted Rah Digga and got a response they didn't like. But back to this story, Cudi has always been very close to Kanye and has worked on songs in the past so I'm not sure if this has something to do with Kanye and Drake announcing their joint album or what. We all know Cudi has influenced a lot of the sound that is out today namely in Kanye West, Travis Scott and more. What do you think? Do you think Kid Cudi is jealous of Kanye West and Drake? I don't think so but its simply a lesser known artist or shall I say an underrated artist not always getting his just due and someone more popular comes along and rips his or her style. It happens to best of them.
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