Nicki Minaj unleashes 6 minute freestyle and Drake fumes at DJ getting robbed

Nicki is back
  • Nicki Minaj unleashed a fiery 6 minute freestyle a few days ago taking shots at her adversaries. One of the standout lines is "I'm about to drag these bitches like Harambe(sp) did the kid". Harambe(sp) is a take on the gorilla that was killed after the kid fell into his habitat and was dragged across the water. Nicki also shouted out Foxy Brown. I haven't heard the full 6 minute freestyle. I only heard like two lines of the song. 
  • Drake was caught on tape fuming after he learned that his DJ had been robbed of $3 million dollars worth of jewelry. Luckily the caught the guy that was responsible. What I wanna know is what DJ besides Khaled carries around that amount of jewelry. Then again you have a lot of DJ's acting like rappers these days. 
  • Diddy tops Forbes' list of Hip Hop Kings for the second year in a row. This year Diddy took home $62 million. Eat your heart out 50 Cent! Other rappers on the list include Nicki Minaj, Drake, Dr. Dre, and Ludacris. Missing from the list was T.I. which someone pointed out and even threw some shade saying he probably didn't make the list this year because he didn't have Iggy Azalea out this year. Ha! That may be true! 
  • Today Apple announced their new iPhone 7 phone. It looks like all the rumors we were hearing and reading were true. The iPhone 7 has gotten rid of the audio jack in favor of AirPods. The phone is also water resistant now. The phone comes in a matte black color. The camera features a double lens and dozen of other features. Will you be buying?
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