Mariah Carey gets shaded and Kandi Burruss kicked off plane

Shady queen
  • Miley Cyrus had some not so nice things to say about Mariah Carey which have many talking. Miley, to make a long story short, basically said that Mariah is all about herself and yadda yadda. I mean I agree with what she said but I like Mariah in all her diva glory. 
  • Lady Gaga is performing at the Super Bowl next year. Will you be watching her performance? 
  • Kandi Burruss of "RHOA"("Real Housewives of Atlanta") fame posted a video revealing that she was recently kicked off a Hawaiian airline. She said there was confusion about her ticket which had her information but after all the ruckus, the pilot decided to kick her off. Kandi and the ladies of "RHOA" were in the midst of taking their cast trip to Maui. I'm wondering if this was simply drama created for the show or was this for real? After all Kandi didn't have anything nice to say so you never know with these reality shows. I do feel like "RHOA" is a little more authentic. It's more so some of the ladies creating drama to keep their spot on the show. I mean, I feel like if you don't have anything interesting going on in your life, then oh well. Why create drama? I don't know I'm probably overthinking this and its early as I type this. 
  • I was just reading that Rihanna's "ANTI", Beyoncé's "Lemonade" and Drake's "Views" are among the top selling albums this year. Congrats! 
Now I must get ready for work! I'll be writing to you guys soon. Thanks for the support and always reading!
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