Janet Jackson in hiding due to difficult pregnancy and Bow Wow's ex speaks on his package

Janet's baby fat
  • Janet Jackson is reportedly "in hiding" since ballooning up to 250lbs while pregnant with her second first child. The singer is said to have put on 100lbs and has been ordered to bed rest. The 50 year old singer is already at high risk for being pregnant much later in life. What I don't understand is the headlines that say Janet is "in hiding" because Janet is pretty reclusive anyway. She might make the occasional appearance with her husband at a fashion show but Janet is not in the spotlight much anyway. Hopefully Janet and her baby will be alright. Nothing has been confirmed by Janet herself regarding her pregnancy since she's made the announcement to cancel her tour. She does post the occasional message to her social media sites saying "she misses the fans" and what not and I think that's cute. My prayers are with Janet during this difficult time. 
  • Bow Wow's ex, Erica Mena recently revealed that Bow Wow wasn't packing much in the dick department. But contrary to an interview conducted awhile back, she said the opposite. So which is true? No one knows and I don't think many people care. I don't think many women look at Bow Wow like that unless they are a thirsty video vixen turned reality TV star looking to get on. I don't think people would have so much of a problem with Bow Wow now if he didn't make such outrageous statements. Bow Wow is like the male version of Azealia Banks but even more annoying. 
  • It is being reported that Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" nearly came to blows during filming. Apparently the ladies were all at a dinner when Porsha was asked about her anger management classes. Apparently Porsha must not be attending classes cause she had a mini nervous breakdown and ran into traffic. The ladies watched from the window as the basket case found more reason to garner herself screen time and a peach for the upcoming season. I'm guessing Kandi had a problem with Porsha after she overheard Porsha calling her a bitch or something to that effect. Kandi's fan page on Instagram asked Kenya Moore if there was a fight between the two and Kenya confirmed it was indeed true. A trailer for the new season is said to be ready for us in October. Can't wait!
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