Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo dies and Kid Cudi's baby mother files restraining order against him

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  • Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo has passed away today at the age 40. The streets of Atlanta were filled with people paying their respects for the rapper. Shawty Lo perished in a car accident. He leaves behind numerous children and was once set to have a reality show on the WE network but it was later rejected. R.I.P. 
  • The Weeknd has unveiled a sleek new look for his upcoming album titled, "Starboy". The singer just shed his signature dreads for a sleek high top fade. I'm wondering if the new album title has anything to do with his newfound success into mainstream music. If you were previously familiar with The Weekend prior to his mainstream success, you might recall he had a huge Internet following and several highly acclaimed mixtapes which end up making up his debut album, "Trilogy". 
  • Kid Cudi recently made headlines for calling out Drake and Kanye West and now his baby mother has filed a restraining order against him. The baby mother claims that Kid Cudi has threatened her. Oddly enough I can see him doing that. I mean Kid Cudi is a very troubled artist with a host of demons like most artists, some just hide them better than others.
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