Remy Ma and Fat Joe release new single and its revealed that Suge Knight put hit out on Eminem

Remy Ma has a new song out with Fat Joe and French Montana and Fat Joe's son. The song is called "Cookin" and its from their upcoming album due very soon. I've heard a snippet of the song and its very much in the vein of "All The Way Up" so if you like that, you'll like this. And Eminem has been in the news a lot lately for someone who doesn't have a record out. First it revealed that he plans to come out and dis Drake and now another story has surfaced that Suge Knight wanted Eminem dead! A former bodyguard has recently spoken out saying that there was an incident at the Source Awards in 2001 which led to Suge wanting Em dead. Suge Knight is a big bully! I can't believe this man. Apparently they are looking for a new host to replace Tamar Braxton on "The Real". In the running is Mel B. of the Spice Girls, Ashanti, Monica, and Eve(I believe she is the fourth name I read). I do know Ashanti already spends a lot of time in L.A. which makes me believe she's signed to a L.A. based label and I'm not sure where "The Real" is filmed at. Mel B. is on "America's Got Talent" but that's on only during the Summer months. Monica seems to not care about her music career and I'm not sure she'd be a good fit for "The Real". Eve says she's coming back out with a new album and maybe her back on TV will help renewed interest in her music career. Personally I think Ashanti or Eve would make a good addition to "The Real".
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