Nick Minaj new album details emerge and Nene Leakes owes back taxes

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  • A few details have emerged regarding the upcoming album from Nicki Minaj. One producer states that the new album is "more pop than rap" but to me that's not much of a surprise, though Nicki's albums have a fair mix of both genres. It's also rumored that the album is titled, "NM4". The "NM" is obviously her initials and the "4" marks her fourth album. Are you all looking forward to a new Nicki Minaj album? 
  • More "Real Housewives of Atlanta news"..Kenya Moore was caught by TMZ leaving the airport and she says ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan is "not a boss" and scolded him for taking all his frustrations to social media but isn't that what most people do these days. She's done it plenty of times though she'll tell you different. Also they say Nene Leakes owes $800,000 in back taxes from 2014 and if she doesn't pay up they will take from her assets. Phaedra Parks is hosting a fundraiser for her Phaedra foundation and it looks like all the "Housewives" will be in attendance according to the flyer. The post was even reposted by Kandi Burrus which makes me think their on speaking terms. 
  • Fresh off his new song, "Sauce" where he ripped the Kardashian sisters, Game reveals that he will release his new album, "1992" will be released on Sept. 30
  • 50 Cent called out producer L.T. Hutton(worked with Ashanti) over a film about the BMF empire. Apparently L.T. Hutton wanted to producer the movie but the movie is being produced by 50 instead. I wouldn't worry though cause L.T. Hutton had a heavy involvement in the new 2 Pac film but I'm sure he was simply trying to add more coins to his pocket. Can't be mad at that but 50 needs to chill! Don't you think?
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