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Bey & Jay
Lately it seems like there's been an influx of industry relationships that have gone awry in recent weeks. I'm here to break down all the drama. You ready?
  • Mary J. Blige & Kendu Issacs - Mary J. Blige shocked everyone when it was announced that she was divorcing her husband/manager of 13 years. It's been pretty hush hush as to the extent of the divorce but Issacs was questioned about the divorce on social media. He kept his response light and very professional citing that he simply tried to love Mary and care for her etc. This certainly isn't the end that we will hear of this divorce. Mary has a new album in the works which was all set to go but now with this divorce looming, there's fresh material to draw from. Unfortunately I think everyone is looking forward to Mary's new album for all the wrong reasons and I'm one of those people. :)
  • Beyoncé & Jay Z - Divorce rumors regarding Hip Hop/R&B's premier couple have been running rampant for years. The divorce rumors reached a fever pitch when Beyoncé released her album, "Lemonade" in April. "Lemonade" told the story of divorce, infidelity, and relationships in way that we haven't heard in awhile. It led many to point the finger at an unnamed "Becky" who later many believed to be Damon Dash's ex-wife. There have been other rumors that suggest that "Becky" is indeed Beyoncé. Others say that "Lemonade" was simply Beyoncé just playing on the rumors that her marriage was on the rocks or was it? Then there were stories that "Lemonade" was formatted in regards to the divorce between her mother and father. I guess we will truly never know. 
  • Tamar Braxton and Vince Herbert - Shortly before this argument turned altercation occurred, a story was ran that the reality TV power couple were set to divorce. Tamar quickly shot back and denied the claims and now this story comes out of physical violence. To save face, the two have been seen in public holding hand. Maybe these two have been bitten by the curse that is reality TV which has ruined many a marriages on TV. Is Tamar and Vince the latest casualty? We will have to wait and see. 
  • Cassie & Diddy - Many were shocked when police were called after Diddy took Cassie's phone and ran off after an argument. Cassie alerted her mother who then called the police. The incident/argument was labeled as an "altercation" but Cassie has since updated her social media that things were all good but for how long? We will see but if Cassie plans to keep holding out for a ring from Diddy, she'll likely be one of those skeletons we see in the memes waiting for the perfect man in front of the window. 
  • Tiny Harris & T.I. Harris - T.I. philandering ways have been catching up to him and he's getting sloppy if you ask me or maybe he doesn't care and maybe his wife doesn't care. Then again I'm not sure what kind of relationship these two have. It could be an open one. I remember these two were at odds years ago and it got pretty ugly via social media. With a new story every week about T.I. creeping on Tiny, who knows what's to become of these two. I can ignore the fact that how they pretend to be the black "Brady Bunch" on TV when their life is probably actually not remotely close to that except their relationship with the children. I do believe that is real. 
  • Joseline Hernandez & Stevie J - Why am I even mentioning them, huh? Well they were together for five years even pretending they were married. While Joseline still contends they are married, Stevie J revealed a few months ago they were never married. I'm not sure who's telling the truth to be honest. Is Joseline delusional? I'm not sure but this breakup between them has gotten very ugly. Everything from pedophilia to accusations of cheating have been released on social media and court documents.
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