Music Feed: For the love of...

For the love of...
I was just reading two days ago about how NBA player Matt Barnes is looking for love after being turned down by Rihanna and his ex-wife moving on to Derek Fisher. It made me think that VH1 should give him a show to help him find love. I mean that is what they do right? Well I compiled a list of celebrities that VH1 has helped launch dating shows for. I'm about to take you back, way back down memory lane.
  • Tila Tequila - Remember when the charming and exotic, now psycho racist bitch had that dating show? Then again was her show on MTV or was it VH1? Any who it doesn't matter since MTV and VH1 are both owned by the same company. Nowadays Tila is on social media making racist statements and just being herself I suppose.
  • (The) Game - The Game has been a fixture on VH1 for quite a few years, First, we got to see he and his former girlfriend Tiffeny(sp) try and make it down the aisle but it never happened. At the time it seemed as if Game wasn't quite ready to settle down and put his partying ways behind him. Fast forward to a few years after that disaster, Game was granted his own dating show on VH1 which I never watched. There was some controversy though when one of the contestants accused Game of sexual assault or some other jargon, who even remembers? Nowadays Game is still making music and bragging about his sexscapades with The Kardashian clan.  
  • Ray J - Before "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood", Ray J starred in "For the love of Ray J". I remember this show a little more because I remember watching it and I always laughed at how Ray J would ask the contestants if they were here for Ray J. Funny stuff! Looks like Ray would eventually find love through another reality show, the one he currently stars in now and they just tied the knot. 
  • Flavor Flav - The one that started it all! "Flavor of Love" ran for 2 seasons of VH1 and featured a bevy of women with hidden agendas who simply wanted to be famous instead of date Flav. Nowadays Flav is a fixture in Las Vegas where he occasionally makes the news for the dumbest shit including getting arrested and looking a hot ass mess.
  • New York - New York was a contestant on "Flavor of Love" and the breakout star and VH1 gave her, her own dating series, "I Love New York" which lasted 2 seasons I believe. Nowadays New York starred in "The Next 15" on TV One with a bunch of other celebs from various reality shows. She also starred in VH1's "Family Therapy"(I think that's the name of it) with her mother and they both were a hot ass mess. 
  • Bret Michaels - The famed rocker got his own show and featured bikini clad chicks with tattoos, trailer trash vixens, and the like all vying for a chance at love. Bret's show last for 2 seasons I believe or more. Nowadays I have no idea what Bret is doing except for maybe touring which I think I'm correct about as he came to my city and some of the folk I work with were pretty excited about that! 

Well there you have it! Did I miss someone? I probably did but shit happens! Until next time folks! :)

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