Mariah Carey's sister arrested and French Montana and Iggy Azalea are dating

Mariah's sister in trouble
  • Mariah Carey's older sister, Alison Carey was arrested for prostitution last night or two nights ago. Alison also has AIDS and it was revealed a few years ago. Mariah's brother called Mariah out awhile back for not helping take care of her ailing sister. Mariah has never responded to the accusations. Maybe Mariah eventually helped her out behind the scenes but Mariah has pretty much cut her siblings off over the years for trying to sell her out to the press like her brother did. Do you agree with her brother though that Mariah should help her sister even though they allegedly on bad terms? 
  • You know they say, the best way to get over a man, is to get under another one. This applies to Iggy Azalea who is now likely dating French Montana. The two just took a trip to Mexico complete with pictures and videos. First, there was the video of both Iggy and French's entourages on a plane followed by a video of French resting his head on Iggy's ass. Then there was a picture of the couple in a pool. French is definitely a smooth guy. I realize that now. First, he was smashing Trina and we see how that ended. Their relationship inspired a few of Trina's most recent songs. Actually every time I hear a new Trina record, I assume its about French. Well I can guess "Fuck Boy" and "Fuck Love" were obviously about him but let Trina tell it, she may say otherwise. Then again maybe Trina had a side dude. Anyway, back to French, he then started messing with actress, Sanaa Lathan(movie: "Brown Sugar"), Khloe Kardashian, and now Iggy. Looks like the ladies all want a piece of French. :) 
  • A Monica fan asked Brandy why she hasn't done Monica's #SoGoneChallenge to which she replied "Chile Bye". Many took this as shade and Brandy cleared it up saying she's done the #TheBoyIsMineChallenge and #ItAllBelongsToMeChallenge(two songs Brandy and Monica did together). Word got back to Monica and she posted what was described as a "nice nasty" response. Brandy did seem to hint that she did the #SoGoneChallenge but didn't post it yet for whatever reason. I'm not sure what to think of this whole thing. Brandy, to me is not a shady person but she will let an Internet troll know about themselves like most celebrities. I can see how the response could be taken as shade but I think Brandy knew that the person was just being messy and she responded in the same context.
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