Mariah Carey speaks on "abusive" experience and Faith Evans gets sued

Mariah Carey recently spoke out about her time on "American Idol" for the 59th time. She calls the experience "abusive" and even told the reporter that she was being drove to drink just from talking about the past experience. What a diva Mariah! "American Idol" was last year! I wish people would stop asking Mariah about her time on there. We all know it wasn't a good experience for her. Faith Evans is being sued by a promoter who paid her upfront for an upcoming concert performance. It turns out after booking the gig, Faith also booked the gig to do the "Bad Boy Reunion Tour". Faith is one of the featured artists on that bill and people are expecting to see her on both tours. What's a girl to do? So another week has passed and Frank Ocean's upcoming album, "Boys Don't Cry" has not been released. Many reports said that the album would be released on iTunes on August 5 but so far no album has surfaced. I don't recall Frank Ocean himself confirming this news. It was just probably yet another bogus report. But the Internet really wants this album so Frank needs to get it together! At this point everything is a big joke when it comes to Frank and his impending album. Maybe at midnight the album will appear on iTunes. The last known release date prior to this rumored August 5 date was July 2016 and that was from Frank himself. Like I said I don't recall Frank saying his album was coming out August 5 or did he?
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