Mariah Carey on "Empire" and R. Kelly debuts new 19 year old girlfriend

It was announced earlier today that Mariah Carey will appear on season 3 of "Empire". Look out for that! And R Kelly has the Internet on fire today after pictures surfaced of he and his new 19 year old girlfriend. R. Kelly, who is 49 has people all up in arms but we all know R. Kelly loves young girls. Porsha Williams of "RHOA"(Real Housewives of Atlanta) was rushed to the hospital earlier today after she had trouble breathing. The reality TV star was out shopping when she collapsed. She is still under hospital care but is said to be doing "fine". I do hope she is "fine" but I tell you this, its always something going on with these ladies of ATL. I hate to say this but sometimes or a lot of the times I wonder about validity of some of the stories that circulate about these women. Nowadays it seem like a lot of the women on a lot of the reality TV shows fake storylines in order to remain relevant on the show. I do think joking about your health though is a pretty serious ordeal and something no one should do. Over on the "OC"(Real Housewives of Orange County), one of the wives' suitors was accused of having faked his cancer. So that's why I'm so leery about some of these stories when it comes to the Housewives. That's just like when that bogus story surfaced two weeks ago of rapper Drama going into Phaedra Parks' office allegedly saying he has a "bomb CD" and the bomb squad being called. Who still says "bomb CD" these days?
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