Kenya Moore spats with boyfriend on social media and Kandi reunites with Xscape member at convention

Kenya's story line will be a focal point for season 9 of "RHOA"
  • I'm a huge fan of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" and with season 9 approaching and no shortage of news when it comes to the show's stars, I figured I'd do a rundown of what we can expect in the new season. Now all of this info I have is based on rumors and stories that have been planted appeared on the blogs.  I apologize as this particular post is pretty lengthy but if you are a "Housewives" fan, you will enjoy this post. Thanks!
  • Kenya Moore is in the news again, this time for her relationship with on again and off again trainer, Matt Jordan. Matt took to social media Saturday saying that Kenya cancelled a plane ticket she bought for him to attend the grand opening of Peter Thomas' bar in Charlotte, NC. Months ago, the two had a lover's spat in Mexico, where Matt was accused of knocking down doors and calling Kenya all out of her name. Kenya has responded back to Matt on social media saying that does share a great deal of her life with everyone through reality TV but denounces rumors of her paying for men to be her boyfriend and threw shade at an unknown adversary(Porsha maybe?) about someone not knowing who their father is. 
  • Phaedra Parks recently was in the headlines after it was reported that her former client, rapper, Drama had a bomb and wanted to kill her. Phaedra cleared up the drama by saying that Drama was racially profiled after he went into her office and said he had a "bomb CD". I didn't know people still used that expression to describe their music but what do I know? From what I read Phaedra's involvement in the show may be limited to "friend of" since her story line with Apollo ran dry two seasons ago. Then again you have her budding friendship with Porsha which will obviously keep her around.
  • Kandi Burruss-Tucker  recently reunited with her former band mate and friend, Tiny from Xscape. The two did an improptu performance of their hit song, "Understanding" during Kandi's Bedroom Kandi convention. Kandi is also working on opening her new restaurant, "Old Lady Gang".
  • Cynthia Bailey has filed from divorce from Peter Thomas and Peter Thomas has been very vocal about it in the press. Peter told "The Breakfast Club" last month that he didn't want anything else to do with the show but Bravo wanted him back and even paid him to tell his side of the story. Meanwhile Cynthia just sold her Atlanta house and has reportedly moved to either New York or L.A. It is also rumored that Cynthia may be a "friend of" as well but only time will tell. 
  • Shereé Whitfield returned to "RHOA" last year in a very big way but probably due to the fact that Nene Leakes was no longer around. Producers likely wanted an OG to return and shake things up and boy did she? Immediately Shereé found herself at odds with Kenya. But it is being reported that Shereé will now likely have a full time spot on the show thanks in part to last season and her possible rekindling of her relationship with Bob Whitfield, her ex-husband. I also hope Shereé can clear up a lot of the rumors about Chateau Shereé and her constant money problems. 
  • Nene Leakes says she's not involved in season 9 of "RHOA" at press time but did say to "Kelly & Michael" she would likely be back in some capacity. Kim Zolciak-Biermann is said to be back in some capacity as well. 
  • Porsha Williams is said to also be in limited capacity on the show but things change overtime as things continue over the course of production. Porsha recently fainted while shopping. I guess she was exhausted from spending all the money that those married men throw at her! :) Porsha is still working on "Dish Nation". She is also dating a new guy and that leads me to why I feel her and Kenya don't get along. I feel like they are so similar. Both have been accused of dating married men or having a thing for men that are involved in a relationship or some sort. They also have been accused of hiring men for the show to act as their boyfriend. They are both pretty girls I will give them that. Kenya allegedly threw Porsha out of her housewarming party. It makes you wonder will these two ever get along? It seems like Kenya has attempted to get along with Porsha but then she goes right back to talking about Porsha. 
  • New housewives are said to be Maryam and Lena, who is really good friends with Kandi.We will have to wait until at the end of September to know who will be "holding a peach" as they like to say, which translate to who we see in the opening credits. Are you looking forward to season 9 of "RHOA(The Real Housewives of Atlanta)"?
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