Frank Ocean drops visual album and police are called after Diddy and Cassie have altercation

Kelly is waiting on Frank
  • So in the wee hours of this morning Frank Ocean dropped a visual album titled, "Endless" exclusively to Apple Music. The visual featured Frank in a workshop and played songs including Aaliyah's cover of "At Your Best(You Are Love)". Evidently this was not many people's first time hearing this song since it was released back in January but I don't even remember. Anyway it was definitely a highlight for me as far as the other songs. I didn't listen or watch the visual album all the way through. By this time it was like 3 a.m. and I figure I'd go to bed. "Endless" is just one of two projects Frank is supposed to release. Frank's long awaited and oft-delayed album, "Boys Don't Cry" is supposed to drop sometime this weekend. It wasn't long ago when this was reported and we got nothing. 
  • Diddy and Cassie have reportedly broken up for the 50th time. The two apparently had a lover's quarrel which got pretty heated when Diddy took Cassie's phone and fled on foot. Cassie called her mother and alerted her about the argument and her mother called the police. Cassie reportedly got her phone back. The reason Diddy took it in the first place was because he thought she'd been texting and talking to other guys when in reality he's probably the one doing the cheating. Diddy also had to cancel the first few dates of his Bad Boy reunion tour. The tour was set to take place next week but will now start on Sept. 1. Doctors have urged Diddy to rest as his shoulder heals. 
  • Tiny Harris has denied rumors that she is divorcing T.I. But something tells me she'll change her mind again once another story comes out of his alleged cheating. Then again maybe Tiny is okay with T.I. fooling around. 
  • Drake's fan have created a petition for him to perform at the Super Bowl. This comes after similar petitions for Kanye West and Chris Brown were created. I say just let them all perform there.
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