Drake's father to release music and Kid Cudi threatens Jhené Aiko over her divorce

Drake's father is set to release a song or has already. I don't know but its crazy to me. Then again if Lil' Scrappy's mom, Momma Dee can drop a song, why not? I don't know the name of it or anything but I went past it as I doing my news roundup on what I wanted to talk about. A day or so ago, Jhené Aiko filed for divorce from her husband much to the shock of everyone. Some knew she was married and some had no idea she was. Jhené was married for 11 months and her marriage remained questionable due to her interesting relationship with Big Sean. The two have collaborated over the years and most recently on a joint album which featured the two cuddled up seductively in the promo pics. Many felt the two were have a public affair while others felt she was very much being in character to the duet album "Twenty88" they released. Who really knows? But Jhené and her soon to be ex-husband have been blasting off critics who has an opinion. Even Kid Cudi joined the mix and threatened to kill Jhené if she hurt her husband. And he even shaded Big Sean stating that he makes much better music than him. That can be debated. So what do you all think of this drama with Jhené Aiko, her soon to be ex-husband, Kid Cudi and Big Sean?
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