Beyoncé rumored to be pregnant and Bow Wow trades insults with ex on social media

Beyoncé expecting?
  • So they are back to saying Beyoncé may be pregnant again! If that is the case we won't know until like 2 years later. :) People see a picture of Beyoncé where she may not be the most flattering or where she may be a little bloated and people automatically assume she's pregnant. Hey! You never know! 
  • Tamar Braxton called the police on her husband, Vince Herbert after the two had an argument that turned physical and Tamar's finger was injured. Not too long ago, there were rumors that the couple was headed for divorce. Tamar quickly shot down those rumors but to me, it looks like there has been trouble in paradise for quite some time. 
  • Bow Wow continues to not only irk us but his exes as well. Bow Wow has been going back and forth with ex-girlfriend, Erica Mena. Both have been trading insults and Erica recently poked fun at Bow Wow for saying he wasn't fully black. Bow Wow shot back and said Erica was impersonating Robin Givens, which is an old jab in itself. Back in the day being called "Robin Givens" or referred to as Robin Givens was a major insult. For many years Robin Givens was labeled a gold digger for dating Mike Tyson while subsequently being abused by him, telling the world, and staying with him. In other Bow Wow news, he is hosting a new show executive produced by Christina Aguilera. The show is called "Tracks" where contestants listen to an audio sample and try to figure the name of the song. One thing is for sure, Bow Wow may be annoying a lot of time but he stays employed. You can't be mad at that! 
  • Drake may of dissed Meek Mill two nights ago in Philly but it was Drake leaving Philly that caused even more of a ruckus. Apparently Meek Mill got his goon squad to hunt down Drake before he left Philly. But based on a video that surfaced, Drake wasted no time leaving Philly. Drake was definitely feeling himself and he has all the reason to be right now. He's literally on top of the world and the charts and that's something that Meek Mill is not. Drake, on the other hand is too huge to really even give Meek Mill the time of the day. Meek Mill, on the other hand should be thankful that Drake has been keeping his name afloat in an industry dominated by new rappers that all sound the same and look dusty as hell!
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