Azealia Banks quits social media..sort of and Eminem rumored to dis Drake

Azealia Banks says she's quitting all social media! And how many times have we heard her say that? But yet Azealia continues to post on Instagram. Azealia also took time to shut down rumors that she's had ass shots since a picture she posted suggested she did. She says its "exolens"; whatever that is but whatever it is, it made her ass look good. In more interesting news, there's said to be a battle brewing between Drake and Eminem. Apparently New York's Hot 97 radio personality, Ebro says he had a convo with Drake saying he's heard that Eminem plans to dis Drake. Drake says that if it does happen, he's prepared for Eminem. I wonder does that mean his ghostwriter already has a verse in the vault? Drake also spoke on his feud with Joe Budden saying that if he wanted to, he was going to leak a screen shot of a DM(Direct Message) on Instagram of a convo between the two insinuating that Joe has a drug problem. This should be interesting if this does go down though. Speaking of feuds, Game and 50 Cent have been said to finally nixed their beef. I'll take this with a grain of salt though. While there is a video with 50 and Game in the club and Game squashing all beef, 50 is petty. 50 might be cool for the moment but he can also switch at the drop of a dime. I wouldn't be surprised if 50 denounces Game again in the future but I do hope these two have finally made up. Now if we could get Foxy Brown and Lil' Kim to end their beef, they'd both be platinum! To touch on Foxy and Kim's feud for a little, their feud is now legendary and it mimics that of the feud between Hollywood actresses, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. While in the past Foxy seemed like she was trying to be the peacemaker, Kim always seemed reluctant to patch things up. But Foxy has kept the feud up over the year using Kim as a springboard for relevancy and studio time. Kim did say years ago that she's a pretty forgiving person but if the person doesn't change, well it makes it harder. Now that's not word for word but you get my drift.
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