Trina previews Tory Lanez collab and Dr. Dre spotted in handcuffs

Trina revealed through her social media today that she is in the studio with Tory Lanez. Based on the brief snippet, the song sounds nice and could be a potential single. Trina previously collaborated with Tory Lanez on "F Love" prior to Lanez blowing up. The song was really good and severely underrated. The song didn't garner the attention it deserved but its a little harder to push through the channels when your an independent artist. Speaking of Trina, I'm wondering what the hold up is on her sixth album. She needs to release it already! Dr. Dre was spotted in handcuffs after a man called the police citing that Dr. Dre was seen brandishing a gun. Dr. Dre was not arrested. A man has been arrested for touching Justin Timberlake in the face at a golf game. Justin breezed past the man and the man rubbed his hand against Justin's face. It was a bizarre act but maybe the man was fanning out! Who knows!
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