Rihanna to guest star on "Bates Motel" and The Game speaks on infamous dick print pics

Rihanna will be starring in the last season of "Bates Motel" as Marion Crane. If your familiar with the character of Marion Crane, she is the guest at the Bates Motel on the run after taking off with a boatload of money. She meets Norman Bates who speaks of his ill mother. It's Marion Crane who suggests she be put in an asylum much to the dismay of Norman Bates. Of course this all from the movie "Psycho" which Bates Motel is based on. Are you ready to see RiRi on your TV? Speaking of TV, The Game was the guest last night on "The Amber Rose Show" where he admitted that he's slept with some of those who has sent him messages in his DM(Direct Message) on Instagram. This is in response to Amber asking Game about his infamous dick print pictures. He says the pictures are not photo shopped and if you want to see, come over! Ha! So there you have it peeps! Game's dick print pictures are real! Speaking of dick(I do apologize to some of my readers for the crass language lately) but I read a story that T.I. might of gotten caught cheating with one of the escorts from Taz Angels. Apparently one of the Taz Angels girls was in NYC the same time as T.I. who was hosting "The View". They say T.I. was checked in at a hotel and had a woman's name listed on his behalf who had access to the room and it wasn't his wife Tiny. Now as always we know you can't believe everything you read let alone hear. But I do believe this story has some truth to it. Celebrities are getting sloppy these days when it comes to covering their tracks. Plus they keep upsetting the groupies or escorts in this case and then they go to the blogs and blast the said celebrity.
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