Monica's husband caught in another cheating scandal and Kanye & Kim escape lawsuit

Monica's husband, Shannon Brown is said to be caught in yet another cheating scandal. A woman claims that her and Brown share a 2 year old child. The woman has released pictures, text messages, etc. The proof is all there. You know what they say about athletes though, their known to cheat! More as this story unfolds. In the continuing saga that is The West's vs. Taylor Swift, The West's are exempt from a lawsuit. According to California law, it is not against the law the record a phone conversation unless it was said to be private. Taylor knew she was on speakerphone with Kanye cause producer Rick Rubin chimed in the conversation between Kanye and Taylor. I think its ridiculous that Taylor even considered filing a lawsuit. I personally think that is a bitch move in this type of situation. I think it only intensified her wishes to file a lawsuit because she got such a backlash on Twitter. Taylor Swift should be lucky John Mayer, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, or the other 18 men haven't filed a lawsuit on her for writing all those songs about them which to me is a form of defamation. Then again I'm just throwing some shade.
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