Monica speaks out husband's alleged affair and feud ignites between Waka Flocka and The Game

So yesterday I reported a story regarding Monica and her husband Shannon Brown. Well the blog that originally reported the story did a retraction today. It turns out the woman that sold the story with dick pics, baby pics, and text messages was lying all along. It's said that the woman in question is a psycho bitch to put it nice and plainly! The blog says they did all their homework before they went full blast with the story but turns out it wasn't true. Twitter was on fire this morning as news spread about the alleged affair between this mystery woman and Shannon Brown. Monica finally spoke out and apologized to the family of the baby pics that were used saying no child deserves to be placed in this mess or lie for that matter. A beef is heating up between rappers The Game and Waka Flocka. I was just scrolling down my feed on Instagram when I saw a video from Waka Flocka dissing an unnamed rapper(s) saying one minute their a garbage man, the next a shoe salesman! haha then he went on to say the unnamed rapper was showing dick pics and acting as if he were a model and overall sending the wrong message to people. Whoever could he be talking about? I didn't know so I kept scrolling then I came across a video on Game's Instagram account talking in a Jamaican patois and a lengthy caption underneath. Apparently The Game was answering back to Waka's video. I was like damn! Game made a few statements of his own saying Waka is upset because he lost his bitch(Tammy) and how Game is about peace but will bring it if necessary. He also made a comment about herpes in his caption, so I'm not sure what that was in response to or was he insinuating that Waka has herpes. Who knows? Game's response, in typical Game fashion was funny and very interesting. 
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