Mariah Carey speaks on divorce and Phaeda Parks of "RHOA" threatened by madman with a bomb

Mariah Carey is on the latest issue of Complex magazine and in it, she opens up about her new relationship and her divorce from Nick Cannon. When asked about her divorce, Carey expresses disappointment in the relationship citing that she didn't want to get married, have kids, and divorce. She felt that she went down that road before with ex-husband, Tommy Mottola. As far as her impending engagement, Mariah says she will be walking down the aisle again sooner than we think. In reality TV news, Phaedra Parks of "RHOA"(Real Housewives of Atlanta) found her law office evaded by a madman with a bomb strapped to his leg in search of her. Apparently the man in question, who some believe may be 90s rapper, Drama was looking for Phaedra because he was upset with her. No one knows the true reason of his upset but of course social media has had a field day with the unfortunate event making various jokes. Me personally, when I first read of the story, I figured her current husband on ex-husband(depending on who you ask) might of sent his goons out on Phaedra. Others think that this is merely a staged situation used to hype up Phaedra's existing or non-existing storyline on the show. Though I hope she wouldn't be so desperate. Other people feel that Phaedra may of wronged her associate in some lawful capacity and he is seeking revenge. Who knows but it is certainly a scary situation when the bomb squad is involved. Hopefully the Bravo cameras were rolling and if we know Bravo, they weren't far from the scene.
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