Lil' Kim celebrates a birthday and deets on the VH1's "Hip Hop Honors"

Happy Birthday today to the Queen Bee, Lil' Kim! She turns 41 or 42 depending on various bios online. If she were to tell it, she'd say she's still in her 30s but that is an untruth. I'm not sure why Lil' Kim doesn't want to ever admit to her age. Think about this, Lil' Kim was featured on Biggie's debut, "Ready To Die" in 1994. Okay, that was 22 years ago so clearly Lil' Kim had to be 19 or 20 around that time so my guess is, she's either 41 or 42. Again Happy Birthday Lil' Kim! You can see her tonight on VH1's "Hip Hop Honors" which pays tribute to Queen Latifah, Missy Elliott, and Salt-N-Pepa. Pretty much every female rapper in the last 20 years has some part in it except for Foxy and Azealia Banks. Azealia is currently on tour and I don't know what Foxy's deal is but I do think she should of been honored or attending in some capacity. Rah Digga, Trina, Eve, Remy Ma, Mia X, Da Brat are just a few of the female rappers taking part in tonight's ceremony. Will you be watching? I would if I had cable! Stuff like this is the only time I wish had cable, other than that you can scratch it!
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