Kelly Price under fire for "inappropriate" performance and Young Thug blasts his baby mother

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What's wrong with these folks or should I say celebrities? Kelly Price has everyone talking after a performance at a Gospel Expo was deemed "inappropriate". The singer performed her hit song, "As We Lay" which is a song that was also performed by Shirley Murdock back in the day. Kelly posted a video via social media stating that she was upset and that she was asked to perform her music. Why she didn't perform one of her gospel numbers is beyond me. But after seeing Kelly on "R&B Divas" we know she is quite the diva and performing "As We Lay" is an odd choice of a song to perform at a Gospel expo. Kelly went on to say in the video that the church is filled with "bigotry" and that's why people don't attend church. If I were Kelly I'd be somewhat embarrassed at the mishap but then again she chose to sing that selection. I'm wondering did she do that to purposely get attention cause you have to know that singing a song about adultery is not appropriate for church. I'm giving Ms. Kelly the side eye. In other music news, Young Thug has been on social media airing out his baby mom. He tweeted that his baby mom claims she was independent for a number of years but he was taking care of her financially. He also went on to say that her house smelled like piss and her 23 year old sister still wets the bed! haha!!! Wow! Don't mess with Thugger!
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